Design furniture legs

New trendy black matt colour

Very trendy and pretty cool furniture legs in our new trendy black matt colour.
Combine with a wine box or natural wood - The look is amazing and cozy.
Especially in the living areas and your home the colour is classic and timeless.

Trendy furniture legs for your new DIY-Furniture!

Design solid U-shape furniture leg
Design hair pin furniture leg
Furniture leg kit black matt

Our design furniture legs are available in different designs.
Round, square, U-shaped or hair pin, the furniture legs uplift your DIY-Project!

With integral screw-on plate, the furniture legs can be easily, quickly and securely connected to your furniture. Therefore, novice Diy'rs can build bespoke, amazing furniture in no time and no effort or expertise, the perfect furniture is created.

Smaller design furniture legs can be used for sideboards or cabinet modernisation and flower stands. Larger design legs are ideal for coffee and side tables, seating, dining tables or desks - There’s are no limits to your creativity.

Furniture leg kit black matt
  • Furniture legs in the trendy colour black matt
  • Available in round and square shape
  • Available in different lengths
  • Also as a kit of 4 legs including screw-on plate available
Design solid U-shape furniture leg
  • Solid U-shape furniture leg
  • Floor protection and adjusting screws included
  • Available in different lengths
Design furniture leg Hair pin
  • Slim and simple design furniture leg in vintage look
  • Suitable floor protector provides good support for the furniture leg
  • Available in different lengths
  • Now also available in the stylish white matt colour

Product advantages

  • Diverse application possibilities
  • Versatile, combinable & individually designable
  • Ideal for modern dining, desks or coffee tables, seating, bedside tables or flower stands
  • Integrated screw-on plate allows easy and quick assembly
  • Matching, adjusting screws and floor protectors
Element System Furniture leg kit black matt
Element System Design Furniture leg Hair Pin
Element System Design solid U-shape furniture leg
Element System Furniture leg kit black matt
Element System Furniture leg kit black matt