Questions and Answers

Where can I purchase ELEMENT SYSTEM products?

Our products can be found in any well-assorted hardware store. If you want to find the nearest dealer in your area, send us a short message and we will surely find him for you!

Can I order products online?

We're sorry, but a direct online ordering from ELEMENT SYSTEM is not possible. But an online ordering is possible through the shops of the respective dealers.

Can I combine all products with each other?

We place a key emphasis on providing a maximum degree of flexibility within our product lines. But of course even this has its limits. Those who want to know for sure, should observe the information provided in the hardware store or obtain further information by seeking advice elsewhere.

Your selection is almost a little bit overwhelming for me. Are there any preconfigured shelf systems available?

The very characteristic strength of our product range is that a unique solution can be created quite easily. Because every room is unique - the individual elements can be combined easily and versatilely, and thus almost make preconfigured solutions obsolete.

Where can I find the complete catalogue?

Our complete catalogue is available for download here. Our specialized dealers have information material available with which you can inform yourself about our products and applications.

To which kind of walls and wall materials can I attach the ELEMENT SYSTEM shelves?

Basically, ELEMENT SYSTEM products are suitable for any kind of wall. But: The maximum load capacity of the shelf may differ from wall material to wall material! The specifications of our products always apply for the installation on concrete walls. When in doubt, you should better consult us or your dealer!

Do I need additional mounting hardware?

Suitable screws and plugs for the wall mounting are provided with our products. Otherwise, you need tools such as screwdriver and drill.

Where can I find the installation instructions?

Instructions for individually configured shelf systems can be found here.

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