Room solutions and accessoires

Ideas for cellars, garages and laundry rooms. Support rail, Hooks for support rail, Car wheel holder, Universal holder wall + ceiling, bicycle holder, ski holder, Trouser hanger and more.

  • Basement, garage and laundry room
    • End cap of Clothes Rail Attractive end element for clothes rails art. no. 12404. The end caps also prevent hangers from slipping off the rail.
    • Clothes Airer LAURA Ensures optimum airing of clothes indoors. The hinging support arm is produced from hard-wearing steel.
    • Clothes Rail By mounting in the clothes rail bracket, a fully functional cupboard and wardrobe element is created.
    • universal holder wall For suspension of garden hoses, cable coils, watering cans and other objects. The holder is screwed directly onto the wall.
  • Office and studio
    • book end This book end also fits into even the smallest shelf and is clamped between the book and the shelf.
    • Book End 50 This book end can be assembled with all CLASSIC 50 wall uprights by simply plugging into place.
    • Book End 32 / 50 This book end is assembled with a double slotted wall upright art. no. 10001 and 10002 and fits both the CLASSIC 50 and the CLASSIC 32 system.
  • Tool storage
    • Basic DIY Tool Set Complete kit, comprising: 2 perforated steel panels 31.5" x 7.9", 2 wall uprights 19.7", screws and wall plugs included.
    • Mini shelf Unit This mini shelf unit helps to create additional storage space. The mini shelf unit can be variably positioned on the perforated steel panel.
    • Perforated Steel Panel The perforated steel panel is the basic element for all tool holders and can be assembled with CLASSIC 50 uprights.
    • Tool Suspension Set 2 Complete kit, comprising: 2 perforated steel panels, 2 wall uprights, 19 tool holders and boxes of various types, screws and wall plugs included.
    • Tool holder Single This tool holder can be used to store hammers, large pliers and scissors.
    • Tool Holder round For hanging pliers, spirit levels and brushes.
    • Tool Holder double The double tool holder can be used to store not only hammers, pliers and scissors but also screwdrivers.
    • Drill Rack The drill rack can be used for the clearly arranged storage of different drill bit sizes.
    • Minibox The box is ideally suited for storing screws, nails and other small parts and can be positioned variably on the perforated steel panel.
    • Tool Holder Strip double Double. The double tool holder strip provides more space for screwdrivers, files and other objects compared to the single strip.
    • Tool Holder Strip Single. The variably positionable strip can be used to store screwdrivers and files.
    • Tool Holder For wrenches. For hanging up to eight wrenches.
    • Tool Holder adjustable Variably positionable tool holder for wrenches.
    • Tool Holder plastic Plastic hooks for hanging wrenches, scissors and files.
    • Tool Holder for 6 tools For hanging up to six wrenches.
    • Tool Holder curved For hanging up power drills, hot air guns and other devices.
    • Tool Suspension Set 1 Complete kit, comprising: 2 perforated steel panels, 2 wall uprights, 19 tool holders of various types, screws and wall plugs included.
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