CLASSIC 32 Uprights and brackets

The single slotted wall upright is the tried and tested starter unit. Combined with the double slotted wall upright it can be used for instance as a lateral end element for wall-mounted shelving units.

  • Wall uprights
    • double slotted Wall upright CLASSIC 32 The double slotted wall uprights permit shelves, baskets etc. to be positioned on the same level. Can be assembled with all brackets for double slotted CLASSIC 32 uprights.
  • Brackets
    • Clothes hanging system 32 With three lugs, for assembly with all wall uprights. Can be used in conjunction with clothes rail and end cap to create a cloakroom or for in-cupboard storage.
    • bracket for wire mash shelves Bracket for wire mesh shelf art. no. 10707.
    • Bracket for steel shelves Can be mounted with double slotted wall upright. Can be used for wooden and glass shelves in conjunction with singlesided clip-on holder, double-sided clip-on holder and, additionally for glass shelves, suction pad.
    • TWIN Wire shelf bracket
    • U-bracket 32 Can be mounted with double slotted wall upright. Can be used with wooden and glass shin conjunction with singlesided insert holder for U-bracket.
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