Shelves for
your attic!

Space under
the sloping roof.

  • Anwendungsbeispiel für den Dachboden
  • Anwendungsbeispiel für den Dachboden
  • Drahtboden
  • Drahtboden
  • Faltfachboden

Space under the sloping roof.

Things that you store for your children or grandchildren, or just for a future use usually land in the attic. All too soon, the attic is full and there is no more space available. The wall shelving from Element System even helps to create space under the roof inclination. Different lengths of the wall rails allow for an adjustment to the inclination of the roof. Insert the supports place the shelf bottoms on top of them - and you're done. Using the clever solution of the roof inclination console, storage space can even be created under the roof.

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