Shelves and
shelving system from

Create your space.

  • Shelving for your Dressing room. Space under the sloping roof.
  • Shelves for your Library! All books are within reach.
  • Shelves for your attic! Space under the roof pitch.
  • The wall shelf for your garage. Simple and fast!
  • Shelf system for your cloakroom. Order and storage space in the hallway.
  • The shelf for your garden house. Space saving and clear.
  • Shelving systems for your bathroom. Wall fasteners and wire ladders.
  • Shelving for your guestroom. Space under the sloping roof.
  • Order in the home work shop! Ideal for handymen.
  • Wall shelves for your hobby room! Make space!
  • Order in your office! The ideal basis for folders and documents.
  • Shelves for your basement. Flexible, innovative, extensible.
  • Shelves for your cellar bar. Your cellar bar in a modern design.
  • The wall shelf for your pantry! Hygienic and proper storage of food.
  • The shelf system for your laundry! Cleanliness and order.

Create some space for yourself. With shelves from ELEMENT SYSTEM.

Shelves from ELEMENT SYSTEM are suitable for all residential application areas. They can be individually combined and are characterized by their excellent quality. Thus, providing an easy way to create space.

The perfect shelf for every room: Beautiful and practical:
Our wall shelves help to keep things in order - from the basement all the way up to the roof. The diverse combination options and material variations leave nothing to be desired. Our comprehensive range of wall mounting options includes consoles or wall clamping rails - decorative but also highly functional.
Stowing, organizing, storing: We have something to stop furniture from wobbling:
ELEMENT SYSTEM stands for flexible shelving systems in all functional room types. Our branded products will ensure an exceptional degree of stability and safety. Simply a perfect fit: Round or square tubular steel legs will bring furniture and tables to the desired height.
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